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Achalgarh Fort, build around 9th Century AD by Paramara Dynasty, is a famous historical heritage for sightseeing. It was later renovated by Maharaja Kumbh of Sisodia Rajput Clan, Ruler of Mewar. The fortress is surrounded by mighty battlement walls at the top of the steep winding path enclosed within the fortified walls. Located around 7 Kilometers from Mount Abu Main Bus Stand, this ancient fort holds religious importance for the patrons. It houses many historical relics in the age old temples along with notable attractions around its vicinity making it picturousque and capture worthy track with breathtaking view. All you need to do is to put on some comfortable attire to walk through the path and take in the spectacularity of the place as you will be doing some walking to do so. Visit the Achleshwar Temple in the fort which has been one of the main attractions to visit in Rajasthan. With supreme energy, holy ambience and spectacular view, the place makes your visit worth the wait.


Situated at the height of 1722 Meters from the sea level, Guru Shikhar is the highest peak of not only Mount Abu but the entire Aravali mountain range. The place is blessed by the nature and provides a breathtaking view of the greens of Aravali Hills. A must-visit place, when you come to Guru Shikhar is Guru Dattatreya, which is symbolic of God Dattatreys, worshipped as the divine incarnation of Divine Trinity Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh. When you enter the temple, you can spot a huge bell that acts as a landmark and holds significant importance in religious values. The vibration from the bell is a wave of calm rhythm that engulfs you in the profanity of its charm. With the essence of Rajasthani magnanimity, Gurushikhar peak gives more than a peak of paranomic context to you. After in taking tranquil sips from cup of nature in Gurushikhar, Aravali Range, make yourself comfortable in Hotel Agroha, the best villa in Mount Abu hill station.

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Also known as Aruba Devi Temple, Adhar Devi is an architectural marble, constructed out of the large rocks. The legend has it that a piece (Adhar) of Goddess Durga fell and rested here along with a tell-tale of Goddess Durga’s image hanging by the air within the temple. With an arduous climb of 365 steep steps, the place is well-versed to impact you with its bird-eye-view of the hill station from atop. Right besides the temple are statues that are delectable artifices of historic relevance. They give you a detailed glimpse of brilliant work by the architects of bygone era.  As the temple is dedicated to Goddess Durga, the place invites many of the devotees in Navratri Season. In these 9 days, the place can be seen in glorious hustle-bustle of visitors, filling the air with enchanted magic of holy season.

The scenic-beauty of the place can be witnessed all year long. Do not miss this place and get yourself captivated by the sheer delight of it.


Amassing the extravagance of human-build wonders, Trevor’s Tank is the habitat of crocodiles. It was built in 1897 by the skillful hands of Col. G.H. Trevor, after whom the place is named. Developed as a spot of crocodile breeding, this place has been promoted by the state tourism department as a part of Mount Abu’s eco-tourism and is now being used as a wildlife conservation project by the authorities. With the lush-green nature and unique regional flora-fauna scattered in the region, this place is a tourist paradise with amazing far-reaching view. The place is a blessing for adventure-lovers. You can go for a road trip or simply trek along the winding twists and turns to Abu Road with scenic-Abundance. So if you have an adventure streak or you like the thrill of watching crocodiles or wild beards, plan your visit soon to Mount Abu and make your stay comfortable in the best budget hotels in Mount Abu – Hotel Agroha.

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The Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary covers a large plateau, including the highest peak in Rajasthan, Gurushikhar. The sanctuary, 7Km long and 300 meters wide, is a little treat to eye to spend some time amidst the nature. Lying at high altitude the sub-tropical evergreen forest is a home to the different species of decots and monocots along with 17 species of rare medicinal plants, 28 climber species, 89 shrub species, more than 250 species of birds with jungle fowl and green Avadavat being the more evident ones. In entire Rajasthan, this is the only region to spot beautiful little orchids. You can enjoy trekking, hiking and explore the vicinity in all the seasons. The jeep safari is a thrill-packed adventure with opportunity to interact with the nature and the wild with experienced professionals to guide you along the way. There is no better way to experience all this and take the memories away with you stay in Hotel Agroha – Best luxury hotel in Mount Abu


Gau (Cow), Mukh (Mouth), Gaumukh, as the name suggests, is a renowned temple dedicated to Guru Vashishtha. With many interesting stories associated with it, mysteries of which are well-described by the residents, priests and guides, the temple was constructed out of a huge rock. One of the astounding views here is that of a stone carved cow head that has a natural spring flower sprouting out of the marble structure. Nearby, you will find statues of Nandi, Guru Vashishtha, Lord Ram and Krishna. Other must-visit attraction here is Agni Kund. There is a story that goes by Guru Vashishth originating the 4 Rajput Clans out of the sacrificial fire of Agni Kund. With historic marvels and tales, Gaumukh is an enchanting stop to experience our History and civilization.

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