A celebration occurring for centuries all across the country to mark a new beginning of light over dark and right over wrong, Dussehra is renowned for its mythological tale of Lord Ram’s (an epitome of love, peace and justice) triumph over Ravan, Meghnath and Kumbhkaran (signifying injustice). Preceded by Navratri, India embarks in festive fun and jubilation of Dussehra by worshipping Lord Ram and Maa Durga, acting as an ode to the rich cultural and traditional values of Rajasthan.

Mount Abu – The only known hill station of Rajasthan, does not remain untouched by the grandeur of this festivity. In fact, it embraces the sheer opulence and magnificence of its indigenous practices, incorporated with today’s celebrations.

Hotel Agroha, one of the best budget hotels in Mount Abu is a colonial-era luxury villa that lets you travel the trails of Rajasthan, inviting you to the monumental history of this place that is sloshed in Dussehra’s delightful vibes. Amidst the peace of Aravali Range’s verdant, the quiet neighbourhood of villas is blessed with a breathtaking view.

Architecture and Hospitality

Though it sits in the main city, it does not let the city life intervene in your vacations and yet gives you easy access to the regional market for heart-fulfilling shopping desires. Its ethereal historic architecture is a stark contrast with the latest services and facilities. Interiors are revived by seasonal see sum wood, detailed carvings of pre-historic times, subtle colours imparting elite outlook and the walls and corridors embellished with relics and murals appearing to be bought straight out of the King’s castle. There are 8 private luxury rooms, each well-equipped with modern utilities. Air conditioning facility with all-season functionality, 32” Flat Screen with DTH connections to let you enjoy the latest sitcoms, 24*7 hot and cold running water, free wifi availability in hotel’s vicinity, well-fitted and Hygenic toiletries, laundry, garden dining, free of cost parking space and a lot more is at your disposal along with a very corporative and friendly staff to help you out at any given point of time.

Monuments and heritage

Hotel in Mount Abu near Nakki Lake, the villa let you discover the proud heritage lying in the heart of the hill station, all within close proximity to the villa for a hassle-free commute. Nakki Lake, with its clear water and compelling history associated with love, is 11,000m deep man-made lake (Only 1Km from the villa). Surrounded by lush green mountains and rocks, it makes sailing a wonderful experience. Dilwara Temples is yet another architectural beauty. Its traditional interiors inhibit exemplary craftsmanship of the past while the 5 temples encircling within speaks to your spiritual self.

Sunset Point

Sunset point brings to you the solace and calm of last rays of the sun that touches the desert sand, lighting the horizon with subtle, vivid hues. The entire place turns gorgeous blush-pink, a perfect setting for soothing your heart, body, and mind. If devotion is what you seek then temples of olden times are there for your ablution. Ragunath Temple is one such famed holy shrine. This 14th-century temple, located on the shores of Nakki Lake, is 650 years old and inscribes delicate paintings and designs of Marwari history.

Wildlife Adventure

Mount Abu also nestles 17 species of rare medicinal plants, 28 climber species, 89 shrub species, more than 250 species of birds with jungle fowl and green and different species of dicots and monocots. This is the only region in the entire Rajasthan to spot Orchids. Lying on the high altitude, this sub-tropical region also let you fuel the adventure through trekking, hiking and night safari.

This is just a tiny glimpse of what you can expect in Mount Abu. And with best price deals available, this can be done without taking the heat of expense. This Dussehra, travel, explore, indulge-in and experience the colours of culture – Music, dance, food, forts, temples, surroundings in Mount Abu that is sure to bind you with the regal aesthetics of RAJASTHAN with the best luxury hotel in Mount Abu.

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